Wocker 1.0 is now available! Note: wocker update command does NOT upgrade v0.x to v1.0 or later. Please clone the repository again.

Downgrade WordPress version

For example, downgrade WordPress to 3.5.

1. Run a new container

core@wocker $ wocker run --name test

This will create a new container test. If you already have a container to downgrade, just start it, or if it’s running, just skip this step.

2. Download version 3.5

core@wocker $ wocker wp core download --version=3.5 --force

This will force download WordPress 3.5 to the running container using the wocker wp command. After this finishes successfully, you will have a WordPress 3.5 environment if you visit http://wocker.dev. You can change 3.5 to any version you want.